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Kristina Durocher

for New Hampshire Senate District 19

Building a Stronger Granite State



Candidate for NH Senate District 19, Kristina Durocher was raised in New Hampshire. As the daughter of small farm owners in Litchfield, Kristina has experienced the hard work, determination, and optimism needed to be successful in business. Kristina attended public schools for her elementary, secondary, and graduate level education, ultimately earning a masters degree at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  

In her professional life she serves as the director of the Museum of Art of the University of New Hampshire. As a result of her work there and on related national and regional boards and committees, she was selected in 2017 to attend the prestigious Getty Leadership Institute, Claremont College for emerging leaders in her field. 

Family is most important to Kristina. She and her husband Greg settled in Hampstead in 2005 with their two children, enabling her to live near her extended family and maintain her cherished NH roots. For relaxation and fun she runs and competes in charity road races.  

On the issues facing NH:

Kristina supports a comprehensive plan for attacking the opioid epidemic that includes: prevention, education, and improved access to treatment and recovery programs.  

She supports funding for public education, especially higher education, which she sees as the means to attract and retain a highly skilled work force and secure NH’s economic future.  

As a result of her lifelong ties to the agricultural community she is committed to the availability of clean and safe air and water.  

She supports access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare for all NH citizens, regardless of their individual circumstances.  

She would advocate for expanding and modernizing our state’s infrastructure, including renewable energy and public rail service to Boston. In doing this she would remain mindful of the rural character and natural beauty of our communities.  

As the Senator for NH District 19, Kristina will take a reasonable and collaborative approach to addressing the issues of her constituents. She will always represent them first, not special interest groups or narrow ideological agendas.